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Medicine Hat and District

Germans from Russia Society

Legacy Project Donors

Aberle, Marvin and Beatrice

Alberta Minister of Finance

American Historical Society of Germans From Russia, Calgary Chapter

Anderson, James and Karen

Arndt, Herbert and Irene

Bachmier, Kay

Banek, Reinhard and Eugenie

Barber, Richard and Hazel

Bauer, Irene

Bauer, June

Bauer, Kenneth and Cheryl

Bauer, Norman and Jean

Beaton, Hugh

Beck, Brent and Lori

Beck, Gordon and Jo

Beck, Randy and Lois

Beck, Todd and Shelly

Beck, Wendy

Beisel, Clifford

Bender, Dorothy and Marvin

Bender, Ronald F.

Bender, Melvin

Bischoff, Joseph and Magdalena

Blanchard, Gordon and Margaret

Boksteyn, John

Brand, Dietrich

Brilz, Elizabeth

Brost, Leslie

Brost, Wayne and Deborah

Burkart, Robert and Terri

Butterwick, Dale

Butterwick, Ross

Butterwick, Terry

Butterwick, Warren

Calgary Chapter of American Historical Society of Germans From Russia

Cesanek, Sharon

Christensen, Lucille K.

Cox, Katherine

Curr, Clara

Czember, , Jerry

Czember, Lyle

Davis, Alexa and Meta

Dorscher, George

Duchscherer, Darlene

Duchscherer , Henry and Rose (Bischoff)

Earl, Lorna

Ebelher, Edna

Eberhardt, Albert

Eberhardt, Gerhard and Regina

Ehnisz, Joy and Sharon

Ehret, Reuben and Loreen

Elder, Joseph and Linda

Elkwater Farming Co. Ltd. Paul Hofer

Ellehoj, Erik and Barbara Redmond-Ellehoj

Emann, Norm

Emard-Wanner, Robert and Joan

Enslen, Harold

Ensminger, Curtis

Ensminger, Elmer and Margery

Ensminger, Margery

Epp, Victor and Helen

Erdmann, Erich

Eresman, Randy and Shelly

Ferguson, Don

Fischer, Duncan and Bernadette

Fischer, Eldon and M. Elaine

Fischer, Marvin A and Margaret J

Flug, Mary -Ann

Foster, Bonnie

Freimuth, Alice

Frisch, Betty

Ganden, Ted and Waltraud

Geiger, James and Doreen

Gieger, Tim and Carmen Gill

Gehring, The Family of Albert and Louise (Schorr) Gehring

Giesinger, Albert

Giesinger, Damian

Giesinger, Klela

Giesinger, Leo and Marie

Giesinger, A.J. Tony and Davida

Gill, Raymond

German Harmony Club-Medicine Hat

German-Russian Cultural Society Leader Sask

Glockner, Peter and Sarah

Grimm, Bregitta

Grimm, Douglas

Grimm, Ted and Ruth

Gross, Manfred

Gross, Otto and Ursula

Gustafson, Patricia

Gutfriend, Agnes

Gutfriend, Alma

Gutfriend, Michael and Alma

Gutfriend, Alex and Edith

Hagel, Shirley Anne

Halbert, Douglas and Anita

Hansen, Michael E and Peggy M

Hammel, John and Ada

Hauck, Martha

Hawthorne, Sandra

Heidrich, Wayne and Sandy

Hellman, Jack, Lillianne and Family

Helmann, Mathias and Barbara (Loran)

Hennes, Arthur and Beatrice

Hertz, Mike and Nancy

Hilgendorf, Johanna

Hiller, Frieda

Hirsch, Edward and Frances

Hirsch, Dr. Byron

Hirsch, James

Hirsch, Kevin and Renee

Hirsch, Michael and Dominique

Historical Society of Medicine Hat

Hoffman, Marlene

Holtemeyer, Allen P

Hopfauf, Greg and Lanette

Horch, Philip and Annalora

Hueser, Mary-Ann

Ibach, Robert and Twyla

Jangula, Larry and Jeanette

Jangula, Victor and Frances

Janke, Clarence

Janke, Dwayne and Margaret

Kambeitz, Ben

Kambeitz, George and Jean

Kanewischer, Edwin and Alice

Keck, Edmund

Kemna Cox, E. Ruth

Kiessling, Fredrich and Mabel

Kirschenman, Brian and Betty

Klein, Josephine

Knoblick, Faith

Knodel, Norman

Kocher, Valentin

Krassman, Mark

Krause, Clyde and Doris

Krause, David and Sue

Krause, Emil and Esther

Krause, Gary and Nancy

Krause, Gordon and Sandy

Krause, Lorne and Kathy

Krause, Melita

Krause, Richard and Sherry

Krause, Stan and Robin

Krickhahn, Uwe - Karsten and Anke

Kunz, Michael and Barbara

Kurpjuweit, Alvin and Gladys

Lang, Clark and Heather

Leader SK Germans From Russia

Leismeister, Alan

Leismeister, Lily

Leismeister, Melvin and Peggy

Leismeister, Murry

Linden, Lane and Edna

LMT Services Ltd

Loran, Ralph and Anthea

MacDonald, Eva

Macdonald, Gordon and Betty (Gutfriend) and Family

MacLean, David J.

March, Helen

Marti, Ernst and Alwine

Mayer, Marjorie

Maxwell, Bill and Karen

McLaughlin, Ian

McLaughlin, Ian and Phyllis

Medicine Hat and District Genealogical Society

Medicine Hat Co-op Ltd

Mehrer, The Family of Christian and Paulina (Gehring) Mehrer

Moch, Harvey and Millie

Mook, Chester

Mook, Dahlia

Morris, Earl and Judith

Murschell, Dexter and Fern

Mutschler, Marvin

Mutschler, Robert and Delores

Necker, Albert and Dr. Elvire Necker-Eberhardt,

Nelson, William and Bette

Neubauer, Roy and Leona

Neuburger, Shirley

Obrigewitch, Sharon

Obrigewitch, Matt

Okell, Robert and Marlene

Olexson, Don T and Beverly L

Oster, Richard

Ott, Felix and Wendy

Pahl, Gerald and Rode

Parasynchuk, Margaret

Parasynchuk, Richard and Teresa

Pederson, Terrance and Lise

Petke, Erich

Prouty, Adair

Ranton, Sandra

Redmond-Ellehoj, Barbara

Regehr, Sharon

Regehr, Walter and Sharon

Reinheller, Dave and Sheila

Rich, Joanne

Richardson, Lil

Richter, Michael and Bernice

Rieger, Wallace and Frances

Rife, Margaret O

Rossler, Chester

Roth Families, Bow Island

Roth, M. Grace

Ruff, Sol and Marie

Sauer, Stan

Sautner, Herb

Scherer Rentals Ltd

Schiefele, Rose

Schiefele, Sid and Mary Jane

Schile, Frank J

Schile, George

Schile, John and Raymonde

Schlachter, A.T.

Schlinker, Ralph and Matilda

Schmauder, Ted and Phyllis

Schmidt, Andrew and Carol E.M.

Schneider, John and Diana

Schneider Family, Michael and Amanda

Schneider Family, Tyrone and Kelly

Schulz, Herbert and Ellinor

Schwab, Sheila and Brian

Seiler, Adolf

Senger, Katherine

Sievert, Manfred and Hildegard

Sillek, Greg

Smith, Wesley and Marlene

Sommerfeld, Sheri

Spilsbury, Candace

Stabler, Raymond and Hedwig

Stabler Farm Inc.

Stang, Louise

Stappler, Valentine and Marion

Stein, Dale

Stelter, Lottie

Stickel, Gordon and Ronda

Stober Family, Paul

Stroh, Joseph and Hazel

Tabor Family, Ryan and Terry

Townsend, Robert W and Christine

Turnbull, Bill and Laura

Ulrich, Donald and Joyce

Unreiner, Edward and Eva

Volk, Brian and Anita

Volk, Josephine

Wanamaker, Kathy

Wanner, Robert and Joan Emard-Wanner

Waymen, Jenica

Weimer, F.R.

Weimer, John and Rose

Weiss, Donald and Margo

Weiss, Herb C and Matilda

Weiss, Linda

Weiss, Mervin

Weiss, Stanley N and Elizabeth

Werre, Joyce

Wessner, Donald

White, Donny

Wingenbach, Sharon

Woelfle Holdings Inc.

Wuensch, Gisela

Wuensch, Ernst and Gisela M

Wutzke, Louise

Wutzke Reunion 2008

Wutzke, Robert

Wutzke, William

Zeller, Harry

Zelonka, Fred and Lavina

Ziegenhagel, Arthur and Elizabeth

Zollner, Ken and Sharon

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