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  Last Update April  25 2022

Medicine Hat and District

Germans from Russia Society

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Thanks to the work of Melvin Bender of Medicine Hat, lists and photographs of cemeteries and the ornate headstones

have been collected and presented. More information will be added as the information is collected.

Germans from Russia in Medicine Hat 1934

Index of Medicine Hat News Obituaries of 1940 to 1950

Interviews of Germans From Russia Settlers in Medicine Hat and District

German Villages in South Russia and Bessarabia

German Settlements in Kherson Province

German Research Guide

Cemeteries and Headstones of  Germans from Russian

Families of Medicine Hat and District

Blumenfeld Church, SK - south of Leader, SK

Burstall, SK Hope Evangelical Cemetery

Eagle Butte St. Margaret's Church

Graburn Church of God Cemetery

Graburn United Church Cemetery

Gros Ventre - Tothill Congregational Church

Gros Ventre - Tothill Evangelical Cemetery

Gros Ventre - Tothill St. Alban's Church of England

Gros Ventre - Tothill St. Paul's Lutheran

Hilda Baptist Cemetery 2013

Hilda Bethlehem Lutheran Cemetery

Hilda Congregational Cemetery

Hilda Salem Evangelical Cemetery

Hilda Seventh Day Adventist

Hilda Zion Lutheran Cemetery

Hilda Zion Lutheran Cemetery 1923

Hillside Medicine Hat

Josephburg Baptist Freedom Settlers

Josephburg St. Anne's Church & Cemetery

Josephburg St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran

Lebanon Thelma Cemetery

Little Plume Cemetery

Long Valley Union Cemetery Irvin

Many Island Zion Cemetery

Newburg Church of God Irvin

Newburg Lutheran-Pahl Cemetery Irvin

Newburg Salem Evangelical Cemetery - Site One Irvin

Newburg Salem Evangelical Cemetery - Site Two Irvin

Prelate Cemetery, SK

Sandy Point Gnadenfeldt Cemetery

Schmidt Cemetery - east of Burstall, SK

Schuler Church of God

Schuler Congregational Matthias

Schuler Farm Cemetery SE 12-16-01-W4

Schuler Friedensfeld Baptist

Schuler Good Hope Lutheran - Cemetery, SK

Schuler Norwegian Lutheran

Schuler Peace Lutheran

Schuler St. Joseph's Cemetery

Schuler St. Peter's Lutheran

Surprise United, SK

Wisdom, Bethel Evangelical Church